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Together with the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation, World Taekwondo Europe was planning to host a 10-day Taekwondo festival in which athletes from all age categories could participate in a range of different WTE events. Unfortunately, due to a very busy and tight schedule, the number of participants in some scheduled events are not sufficient to successfully execute competitions. In the poomsae divisions unfortunately very little interest was shown.



For those athletes and coaches who already booked their flights, World Taekwondo Europe will issue a voucher with a value of 200 euro. This voucher can be used by athletes to pay their entree fee at future WTE events and has a validity of 2 years. One of the following conditions has to be met to be eligible for the voucher:


Condition 1:

  • You have booked your flight ticket BEFORE the publication date of this news message, i.e. before 15 MAY 2018
  • Your event has been cancelled.
  • In this case you are eligible for a voucher.


Condition 2:

  • You have booked your flight ticket BEFORE the publication date of this news message, i.e. before 15 MAY 2018
  • Your event has been replaced to a time and date which does not fall within the period of stay within Bulgaria.


If you feel that your conditions are different and not covered within condition 1 and condition 2, please contact the WTE Office. All requests will examined and answered with a final decision.



Therefore only the following events will be hosted:


3 – 4 June 2018:

Cadets Category

Under 21  Category


9 – 10 June 2018

Juniors Category

Seniors Category


10 June 2018

7th WTE European Open Para Taekwondo Championships


The deadline of registration is extended untill Sunday 27 May 2018. 


Updated Outline:

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/UPDATED_OULTINE_MULTI_2018.pdf


Updated Calendar:

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/UPDATED_CALENDAR_MULTI_2018.pdf



Kazan, 13 May 2018


The curtain of the 23rd WTE European Taekwondo Championships Kazan 2018 was dropped in a spectacular style.


Seeing Alexandra Kowlaschuk Alexandra becoming the new European Champion over Bianca’s category, Isaev Radik and Vladislav Larin to maintain their lead in their divisions and Nafia Kus to triumph for the first time in the -73kg, the future of European Championships seems to be even more exciting.


Beginning with the final that highlighted the last competition day, Alexandra Kowlaschuk of Poland outshone Great Britain’s Golden Girl Bianca Walkden with a stunning upset win. 


Leading from the first round the pole produced a perfect performance to claim her first major title.  Walkden to her credit gave it everything but, in the end, the young Polish Champion showed her class and desire to become the new queen of Europe. In the weekend of Eurovision, it was the Pole who was on song with an 11-9 win. 


The silver 2016 European medallist in +73kg category, Nafia Kus, switched division in Kazan 2018 and participated in the -73kg where in the semi-finals she beat the latest European Champion of the category Ivan Rados (CRO). As she came into the final mat with Arina Zhivotkova of Russia, the Turkish athlete realized a golden performance and climbed on the first place on the podium.



The Olympic Champion 2012 and World’s No1 Milica Mandic was defeated by Cecilia Castro of Spain in the quarterfinals with 9-10 score and in the next round the Spanish fighter lost by the division’s finalist Arina Zhivotkova.


Remained on the top of Europe


Vladislav Larin, World’s No1, defended his 2016 title and doubled his European titles earlier today in Kazan. The Russian fighter produced victorious performances and prevailed in -87kg division for one more time. The final match found him playing against World’s No4 Daniel Ros Gomez of Spain, who earlier won the latest World Champion Alexander Bachmann (GER).


The high-experienced Larin delivered in the finals a showcase of elevated taekwondo and with a 17-4 score, he celebrated the victory.


Radik Isaev (AZE) closed the WTE European Championships by defeating host nation favorite Roman Kuznetsov. 

The Olympic Champion Isaev had to draw on all his experience and skill to find a winning headshot in the last seconds. The spectacular fighter, originally from Russia, returned to be crowned European Champion for the second time in his career.  




The European athletes completed today their taekwondo trip, which lasted four days, in Kazan 2018 having collected priceless sports moments, experienced the participation of claiming the highest distinction within the continent and delivered to the public and themselves the topmost impressions.


Final Results:files/KAZAN 2018/MEDALLISTS_DAY4.pdf

Overall Medal Standings:

1.Russia (4 gold, 5 silver, 6 bronze)

2.Turkey (3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze)

3.United Kingdom (3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)


Photo Credits: Murat Tahran / Denis Sekretev & Amandine Lauriol



WTE European Seniors Championships Kazan 2018 – Day 4 Participating Divisions:


Female Categories: -73kg / +73kg

Male Categories: -87kg / +87kg



*PARTICIPATION:  17 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Iva Rados (CRO),2nd place: Milica Mandic (SRB) and 3rd places: Reshmie Ooogink (NED) & Petra Matijasevic (FYROM).


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kus Nafia (TUR), Rados Iva (CRO), Pole Doris (CRO), Schneider Yanna (GER)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: European representatives in this category, hold the highest places in the World Ranking list. Thus, in Montreux 2016 we had the chance to watch an elite final match between Milica Mandic Olympic Champion 2012 and Iva Rados, European Champion and World’s No3. Among them will be this year also participating and the silver European medallist 2017 Nafia Kus, who attained the second place in Montreux in +73kg. The fight for the gold will be exciting for the audience since the athletes that are targeting the first place will also have to face the World’s No7 Yanna Schneider (GER) and World’s No8 and bronze European Reshmie Oogink of Netherlands.




*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Bianca Walkden (GBR) 2nd place: Nafia Kus (TUR), and 3rd places: Olga Ivanona (RUS) & Rosana Simon Alamo (ESP)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Muzychka Olga (RUS), Borisova Ella (RUS), Brandl Lorena (GER), Giacomini Laura (ITA).


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The ultimate player of the category Bianca Walkden will definitely defend her title as she always does, as she is incompatible with anything less than the gold one. The participations in Kazan also indicate most of the medallists of 2016 plus Ana Bajic World bronze medallist. Since the silver European medallist 2016 Nafia Kus switched category, then we will probably see a new name beside the favorites, climbing on the winners’ podium.


Males -87kg


*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Vladislav Larin (RUS) 2nd place: Armen Yeremyan (ARM) and 3rd places: Payam Ghobadi (AZE) & Drasko Jovanov (SRB)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kamalov Rafael (RUS), Artal Year Antonio (ESP), Sari Muhammet (TUR), Zaharov Gleb (RUS)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: Having seen the participations of this division, predictions can be easily done. Definitely, the World’s No1 Vladislav Larin is a favorite for doubling his gold European medals but the road to the podium won’t be easy. The podium places will be claimed by Lutalo Muhammad (GBR), two times Olympic medallist, the latest World Champion Alexander Bachmann of Germany, Daniel Ros Gomez (ESP) World’s No4 and Ivan Trajkovic World’s No5.


Males +87kg


*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Aman-Marshall Silla (BLR) 2nd place: Roman Kuznetsov (RUS) and 3rd places: Piotr Hatowski (POL) & Omar El Yazidi (FRA)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kuznetsov Roman (RUS), Miangue Yoann (FR), Kuznetcov Oleg (RUS)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The Olympic Champion Isaev Radic hasn’t achieved European title since Baku 2014. This time he is the favorite for the first place in a probably final match with World’s No5 Kuznetsov Roman. Roman, who achieved the bronze in World Championships in Muju, lost in the final in 2016 against Aman-Marshall Silla and left with the silver one. This year his target will be a different medal colour, having an advantage with his recently WT President’s Cup gold participation.



Kazan, 12 May 2018


The 2018 WTE European Taekwondo Championships count day 3 in the sport city of Kazan. The European athletes delivered delightful performances on the mat of the Sports Hall “Ak Bars” with upsets and surprises not be missed.


High-profile athletes with distinctions in Europeans during Montreux 2016, didn’t manage to be included in the medallists’ list when meanwhile others attained the prestigious European Champion title for first time in history.


A performance to remember

The action in -80kg division was enhanced by the latest World Champion Maksim Khramtcov (RUS) playing a semi-final against the bronze Olympic medallist World and European Champion Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE). The Russian player, who lighted up the venue, took the victory over Milad with 21-9 and faced in the finals Aaron Cook (MDA). 


Unfortunately for Aaron, Maksim Khramtcov realized one of his topmost ever performances in his career and took over the match with the incredible 58-16 score and meanwhile created a unique celebrating atmosphere with the audience!


Aaron, the European Champion in 2014, fought bravely with his unusual style but Maksim Khramtcov seemed unbeatable with his extraordinary fighting skills, produced his maximum performance and took the sport to a new level with his intensity.



On-going, the year 2018 is certainly a creative one for Kanaet Toni. Being determined for gold since his participation recently in WT President’s Cup, the Croatian representative came into the mat of Kazan two weeks later of the event in Athens and showed from his first game that he is going to be the 2018 WTE Champion.


After his defeat in the final fight of Montreux, this year none of his opponents achieved to deter his unbeaten track. World’s No4 prevailed in the final fight against Muhammed Yildiz (TUR) and celebrated the top place on the podium with 19-10 score.  




A Deja Vu Final Match

Nur Tatar (TUR) and Lauren Williams (GBR) met in European final match for the second time in a row. Two years ago, in Montreux, the British fighter was the one who awarded the Champion title after a victory over the silver Olympic medallist from Turkey. In today’s final Nur Tatar came into the mat with confidence for the gold this time. She came ahead at the beginning of the match but after Lauren realized a thrilling upset performance and took the match just before the end with 14-11 and thus Kazan 2018 pointed her out as a double European Champion.




She the leader

Having the heading of the ultimate favorite for the gold today, Irem Yaman participated and topped her division -62kg for one more time. Irem of Turkey counts two European gold medals in the last two years. The World’s No1 proved one more time that she is the ultimate leader of her category.


In the final match, she came across with World’s No3 and silver World medallist Marta Calvo Gomez of Spain and without losing the match control at any time, realized a great performance and won with 8-1 final score. 




The final results: files/KAZAN 2018/WINNERS_DAY_3.pdf


Photo Credits: Murat Tahran

                      Denis Sekretev & Amandine Lauriol




Click the following link for the Draws of the last competing categories (13/05) in the 2018 WTE European Championships in Kazan:

files/KAZAN 2018/DRAWS_DAY_4.pdf


WTE European Seniors Championships Kazan 2018 - Third Day Participating Divisions:


Female Categories: -62kg / -67kg

Male Categories: -74kg / -80kg



*PARTICIPATION:  23 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Irem Yaman (TUR)2nd place: Magda Wiet Henin (FRA) and 3rd places: Rabia Gulec (GER) & Daniela Rotolo (ITA).


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Wiet Henin Magda (FRA), Babic Ivana (CRO), Ciuchitu Ana (MDA), Prokudina Kristina (RUS)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The World’s top player in the category, Irem Yaman is the ultimate favorite for the gold one. Having experienced as a World and European Champion, it is sure that her rivals will struggle to face her at any round of the competition. Although, her opponent in Montreux 2016 final, World’s No4 Magda Wiet Henin will be present on the mat today and a gold European medal is missing from her collection. Among them will be also World’s No3 and silver World medallist Marta Calvo Gomez, Rabia Bachmann No5 in World and bronze World medallist Rachelle Booth. 



*PARTICIPATION:  18 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Lauren Williams (GRB) 2nd place: Nur Tatar (TUR) and 3rd places: Haby Niare (FRA) & Matea Jelic (CRO)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Jelic Matea (CRO), Khan Polina (RUS), Mitsopoulou Athanasia (GRE)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The relevant category indicates two Olympic medallists, Eva Calvo Gomez (ESP) and Nur Tatar (TUR). Both of them achieved also word medals and European titles, while the Turkish fighter is leading the World Ranking. This category reserves a lot of surprises and action throughout the day since Lauren Williams will also participate, the Champion in Montreux 2016 after she won Nur Tatar in the finals. Daniela Rotolo, representing Italy, besides her European bronze in -62kg category two years ago, the World’s No8 will give her present in the -67kg.  Remarkable participations are also the bronze World medallist from Azerbaijan Farida Azizova and the bronze medallist in Montreux Matea Jelic (CRO).


Males -74kg


*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Julio Ferreira (POR), 2nd place: Toni Kanaet (CRO) and 3rd places: Clauido Treviso (ITA) & Nicholas Corten (BEL)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kanaet Toni (CRO), Mutak Marko (CRO), Ruiz Domenech Ramon (ESP)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: It seems that Kanaet Toni is going through a great fighting condition and by his vigorous participation in President’s Cup recently, Word’s No4 showed his ambition in topping his category podium. Two years ago, he attained the silver one but now it is probably the right time to strongly claim the European champion title. Though, Julio Ferreira (POR) the gold medallist in Montreux and Toni’s rival in the final, will be present in Kazan. Among them, the bronze European medallist 2016 Claudio Treviso from Italy will join the fight for medals. 


Males -80kg


*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE) 2nd place: Yunus Sari (TUR) and 3rd places: Aaron Cook (MDA) & Piotr Pazinski (POL)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Telikostoglou Apostolos (GRE), Zemledeltsev Andrei (RUS), Bouzid Souhili Ismael (FRA)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The -80kg division’s participations will definitely light up the Sports Hall “AK Bars”.  Beginning with the elite name of the category, the bronze Olympic medallist World and European Champion Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE) is the favorite of the category not only for his ultimate performances but also the fact that he is close behind the No1 Cheick Sallah Cisse on the World Ranking. Azerbaijani’s opponent of 2016 European final will be present also, Yunus Sari (TUR) with a possible target the first place this year and thus we will have the chance to enjoy thrilling matches.

Even though, they won’t be alone. Among them, the two World Champions 2013 & 2017, Tahir Guelec of Germany and Maksim Khramtcov (RUS) and World’ No3 and fan’s favorite Aaron Cook representing Moldova.



Kazan, 11 May 2018


The second competition day of WTE European Championships Kazan 2018 came to an exciting end earlier today in the Sports Hall “Ak Bars”.


Having the chance to watch elite participations like, among others, the double Olympic Champion Jade Jones here in Kazan, the enthusiasm for the final matches and results was even higher.


Golden “Headhunter” remained on the top of Europe


As it is expected, when Jade Jones is on the mat all the spectators are watching her unique performances. Today the audience had the chance to enjoy Jade Jones defending her prestigious European title.


Thus, the final match in -57kg category couldn’t be realized without the presence of Jade Jones, who fight against the World’s No3 and World silver medallist Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey.


The two athletes forceful claim the victory and in the end, they were driven to the golden point, where none of them scored and Jade Jones won the match by superiority.


The Upsets


World’s No1 in -63kg category, Jaouad Achab of Belgium didn’t achieve to qualify in the semi-finals and claim a medal. The World and European Champion was defeated by Bradly Sinden (GBR) with 13-27 score. The bronze World medallist of Great Britain also took the fight against the double Olympic medallist Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP).


Bradly’s day was tough from the beginning since he had to face the two experienced athletes very early and, in the semi-final, he played against World’s No9 Hakan Recber (TUR). The Turkish fighter realized a great performance and since Bradly had no more powers to give in the end, the match finished with 39-46 score.


The (semi)finals


Lovre Brecic World’s No3 and World’s No8 Deni Andrun Razic both from Croatia came across in the semi-final in -63kg category but according to their today’s performances, they both could have claimed a place in the final match. The one who finally secured the ticket to the finals was Lovre Brecic after his success with 19-3 score.


The Croatian player had to confront with the strong rival, Hakan Recber (TUR). After a thrilling match with equal performances and score upsets the gold exciting celebrations came from Lovre Brecic with 18-19 victory.



Females Highlights


Tijana Bogdanovic against Tatiana Kudashova. Two years ago, both prevailed and awarded the gold medals. Today, since the silver Olympic medallist Tijana switched category, the two top-tier athletes met on the mat today for the semi-final. Both athletes strongly claim the victory and deliver to the audience a vigorous match. The World’s No2 Tatiana was more determined for the win and thus she did with 16-15 score.


In the finals, she faced, for a second time within one month, Inese Tarvida of Latvia, 2 weeks after their final fight in President’s Cup. Having known each other very well, the match started with a close score but in the end, Tatiana Kudashova made it 10-2 and prevailed as a European Champion for the second time in a row.


The final results: files/KAZAN 2018/MEDALLISTS_DAY2.pdf


Photo Credits: Murat Tahran






Due to a technical error in the On Venue Result management system, the published drawsheets of the male -80 kg were incorrect. 

This error has been adjusted and these published drawsheets are correct: files/KAZAN 2018/DRAWS_DAY_3.pdf


Watch the video of the athletes' first day in the WTE European Championships Kazan 2018



WTE European Championships Kazan 2018 - Second Day Participating Divisions:


Female Categories: -53kg / -57kg

Male Categories: -63kg / -68kg



*PARTICIPATION:  20 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Tatiana Kudashova (RUS),2nd place: Patimat Abakarova (AZE) and 3rd places: Zeliha Agris (TUR) & Floriane Liborio (FRA).


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Kudashova Tatiana (RUS), Tarvida Inese (LAT), Dosucukur Zehra (TUR), Folgmann Madeline (GER)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: Since the silver Olympic medallist Tijana Bogdanovic switched into the -53kg, the claim of the gold medal in the relevant category is expected to be more than exciting. The Serbian representative will face the Montreux 2016 European Champion and silver world 2017, Tatiana Kudashova. The world’s No2 spends a period of an admirable competing condition having shown lately in WT President's Cup that she comes in the mat for the gold one. The way to the delightful places on the podium won’t be easy for the athletes since the antagonism raises up with the participation of World’s No4 Inese Tarvida, who recently faced Kudashova in a final match, the silver European medallist Ana Petrusic and World’s No3 Madeline Folgmann.


Since the European representatives of the category, hold the highest places on the World Ranking, it is expecting to be one of the favorites categories concerning the action and energy of the fighters who will strive to achieve the prestigious titles.



*PARTICIPATION:  28 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Jade Jones (GBR) 2nd place: Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) and 3rd places: Raheleh Asemani (BEL) & Martina Zubcic (CRO)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Ilgun Hatice Kubra (TUR), Vuletic Bruna (CRO), Tarvida Jolanta (LAT)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: She is on the top of the World and achieved everything in her career. Double Olympic Champion Jade Jones is undeniably the No1 favorite for the gold medal which will count her second one in a row in European level. The challenge over here is the rival that will manage to ensure the place in the final match against the “Headhunter”. The world’s No3 Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey climbed on the second place in World Championships Muju 2017, where Jade Jones won the bronze medal. The Turkish practitioner looks the favorite one to be the finalist of the European Championships match, having won the gold one in her “final rehearsal” in WT President’s Cup two weeks prior the WTE major event. 


Males -63kg

*PARTICIPATION:   27 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Jaouad Achab (BEL) 2nd place: Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL) and 3rd places: Stevens Barclais (FRA) & Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Andrienko Pavel (RUS), Brecic Lovre (CRO), Chellamotoo Dylan (FRA), Perez Casanova Mario (ESP)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: Belgium’s representative that leads the World Ranking, Jaouad Achab is the utter favored to win. Although, Lovre Brecic (CRO) World’s No3 has a striking mode in tournaments but he misses out one European medal. Things get even more complicated concerning the winners’ podium with the participation of World’s No8 Deni Andrun Razic and World’s No9 Hakan Recber of Turkey.


Last but not least, the participating level of -63kg category and the cubit of difficulty gets even higher by the presence of the double Olympic medallist Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (EPS) in the mat. Having celebrated both World and European titles, Joel won’t miss the chance to achieve one more in his career


Males -68kg

*PARTICIPATION:  35 Athletes

*EUROPEAN WINNERS MONTREUX 2016: 1st place: Servet Tazegul (TUR) 2nd place: Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER) and 3rd places: Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM) & Konstantin Minin (RUS)


*QUALIFIED FROM WT PRESIDENT’S CUP 2018: Tcakoev Sarmat (RUS), Krasnov Boris (RUS), Ketbi Si Mohamed (BEL), Perez Polo Javier (ESP)


*WHAT WE WILL SEE: The fight for the final winners of the relevant category is expecting to be fascinating since by the absenteeism of Servet Tazegul and Alexey Deniskenko the admittance to the first places of the division will give to the participants' motivation for claiming a medal.

The Montreux 2016 bronze medallist Sergey Vardazaryan targets the gold one and so as the silver World medallist Si Mohamed Ketbi of Belgium.  Also, interesting will be the participation of Mahammad Mammadov who holds the World’s No5 place and bronze World medal in -63kg category and he will get on the mat in Kazan challenging himself in a heavier division.


Photo Credits: Denis Sekrevet & Amandine Lauriol

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