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The Taekwondo Club Karlovac is located in Croatia and was established in 1968 by the Professor Miroslav Brezan, one of the Taekwondo pioneers in Karlovac and Croatia.


The relevant Taekwondo Club has been continuously active for the last 50 years within the sport with the major goal of the development of Taekwondo in Croatia. The historic club is one of the oldest in Europe and has been serving Taekwondo vision through all these years.


Professor Miroslav Brezan, the founder of the Taekwondo Club Karlovac, due to his noteworthy contribution and effort in the growth of Taekwondo sport received several privileged awards.


The Professor was honored by the World Taekwondo, the WTE, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Taekwndo Federation. The World Taekwondo Europe awarded the Professors with a Gold Plaque and he also received a Life Award by the Karlovac Sport Association and the County of Karlovac Sport Association.



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