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As today, on 27th September 2000 during the Olympic Games Sydney 2000, the sport of Taekwondo made its Olympic medal debut by Michail Mouroutsos, being the first ever Olympic gold medalist in the history of Taekwondo.

On 15th September 2000, the 27th Olympiad was launched in Sydney, Australia. Milestone event for the sport of Taekwondo as in the Olympic Games Sydney 2000, was the inaugural introduction of the sport in the Olympic history.

Michail Mouroutsos from Greece, only 19 years old at that time, was competing at the first and lightest division of 58kg. He became the inaugural Olympic champion of the sport and his Olympic presence was also continued in Athens 2004, where he managed to qualify in the 5th place.

Michail was also awarded during the World Taekwondo Europe 40 Years Anniversary in 2016 for his gold Olympic Medal and for holding the unique record of being the 1st Gold Olympic Medal in the Olympic history of Taekwondo (Sydney 2000). For the record, worth to mention that Michail’s gold medal came after his victory against Gabriel Esparza from Spain, while the bronze medal of the division was awarded to Huang Chih-Hsiung from Taiwan.

‘’At that time of my life, all my thoughts were to stay focused on the game and win my competitors one by one. I never thought that my gold medal would become part of the Olympic history of the sport. I have been practicing taekwondo for all my life and knowing that my actions during all these years have served the sport the best possible way is more that an honor to me and a life goal achieved. I always support and strive to promote our sport in all my activities, pass its values to my students, hoping the will excel not only as taekwondo athletes, but also as people.’’, he commented on his Olympic medal anniversary day.

Michail Mouroutsos was also the only Gold Olympic Taekwondo Medalist in Europe for 12 years, until London 2012 where Jade Jones changed the record.

Always actively present in the sport, in June 2017 Michail Mouroutsos competed in the inaugural Taekwondo Masters Championships in Luxemburg where he won 1st place, adding one more Gold medal in his collection.

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