Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. A feature of taekwondo is the active use of legs in combat, both for strikes and for blocks.

In taekwondo, belts are conventionally divided into “colored” and “black”. Colored belts correspond to 10 “kups” from the 10th to the 1st. Depending on the regional federation, the color of the belt may differ in color, but generally, the following classification is followed:

  • 10 kup – white belt;
  • 9 kup – white-yellow belt (or a white one with a yellow stripe);
  • 8 kup – yellow belt;
  • 7 kup – yellow-green belt (or a yellow one with a green stripe);
  • 6 kup – green belt;
  • 5 kup – green-blue belt (or green belt with a blue stripe);
  • 4 kup – blue belt;
  • 3 kup – blue-red belt (or blue belt with a red stripe);
  • 2 kup – red belt;
  • 1 kup – red belt.

After the colored belts, there are black belts and they are awarded to persons who have reached the age of 15.

What is the basic technique in this sport?

The philosophy of the martial art of taekwondo is complete self-control, peaceful settlement of conflicts, and self-defense without the use of weapons. Taekwondo teaches people self-control and endurance, and unique techniques allow you to neutralize the enemy with one blow.

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The peculiarity lies in the fact that great attention is paid to the education of will of character, honesty, and justice. That is why taekwondo can be called not only a sport but also a full-fledged spiritual practice.
The basic techniques in taekwondo include: racks, blocks, fist punches, kicking, finger strikes, and other blows. Also, there are poomsae (regulated exercises, which are combinations of defense and attack techniques); kyorugi (Olympic sparring, which is a free match); and kyokpha (one of the disciplines of taekwondo, along with kyorugi and poomsae, which means breaking various objects, demonstrating the taekwondo technique).

What are the different taekwondo betting strategies?

Most novice bettors believe that taekwondo gambling is a simple and profitable activity. But this is not the case, otherwise, everyone who bets on sports matches would have enriched themselves long ago, and bookmakers would have gone bankrupt. Quite the opposite – bookmakers receive colossal profits, and many players drain large deposits. Sports betting income is not quick and easy money. All this activity is time-consuming and requires an investment of intellectual effort.
The main strategies in this sport are the following bets:

  1. A bet on a win with a handicap. Victory with a point handicap is implied.
  2. Total bet.
  3. A bet on the “touch”.
  4. Winning bet. A bet on the victory of an athlete, it does not matter in what way it was made (by points or ahead of schedule). Look in the rules of the bookmaker how the bookmaker qualifies a victory due to the disqualification of an opponent.
  5. Tournament win rate.

What tips will help you to win?

Be prepared for the taekwondo game. Bet only in large offices. Bookmakers are somewhat similar to banks. Here, in most cases, the principle also applies: the larger, the more reliable. Big bookmakers usually have a history and value their reputation. But one-day offices can close at one fine moment and steal your money. Do not trade in questionable bookmakers that offer tempting odds.
The best taekwondo betting pros lie in a variety of sites that provide you with the information you need. Sports predictions are published by sports analysts for the prediction competition for today and coming. Many official bookmakers offer to do this, where you can place bets on win-win bets and earn real money. A worthwhile investment that will not dissolve if you follow all the subtleties in matches.
You can easily bet on martial arts online at home and the main thing is not to bet too much. In the hope of hitting a big jackpot, you risk losing everything. And so, bet a moderate amount. Calculate your budget.

How do professionals bet on taekwondo?

To understand how to make successful sports bets, a beginner should follow some simple rules:

  • Always check how to bet on a specific sporting event. Explain to yourself all the incomprehensible points, and only then place your bets.
  • Different bookmakers have different rules and fees.
  • Play with small amounts at first. There is always a risk that you may confuse or misunderstand something.
  • Do not chase high odds, it is possible that pitfalls may lurk in them. It is safer to bet on favorites that have good motivation. You can combine such stakes into express ones.
  • Determine for yourself the specific size of your bank. You will always know how much you are ready to spend, what rates suit you, when to stop to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Play exclusively at reliable bookmakers. The richer and larger a company is, the more it values ​​its reputation. Feedback from visitors is also important.
  • Don’t put all your money on one bet. The outcome of any match can be unfavorable for you.
  • Always know how to stop, even if you are lucky today.
  • Be sure to keep an eye on the odds line. A take-off or a sharp collapse is never accidental. Follow taekwondo news. Remember that analysis is very important. Before you bet on a specific athlete, ask about its previous successes, the number of injured players, the presence of yellow cards.

How to analyze taekwondo betting?

How to learn to bet on sports? There are several methods for predicting the possible outcome of a sporting event. They will help even a novice player to win good sums.
Information analysis, when you collect all available information.
Statistical analysis. During it, the losses and victories of the athletes are analyzed, certain statistics are displayed, and the probability of winning or losing is calculated.
Forecast probability theory. This method estimates the probability of the outcome of the match for each team. The above methods are quite effective but time-consuming. Therefore, professional players often use special programs.