GM Jung arrives in the US to award new Taekwondo ranks

One of the Taekwondo experts and masters recently came to the US from Korea. The visit was the presentation of new belts to several American athletes. This was one of the main reasons for his visit, but the martial artist willingly attended Taekwondo sports schools in America and got to know the fighters and their students better.
The purpose of the visit was to receive the sixth given at Taekwondo by five American fighters. So, Brant Ragan, Rod Tressel, Nick Hass, Dan Masters, and Brian Brewer made a considerable contribution to the development of Taekwondo in the USA, for which they were awarded a similar promotion.
For the ceremony of awarding new data, GM Jung specially arrived in the USA. The ritual consists of the official presentation of the new sixth dan and a tea ceremony. The tea was specially prepared in Korea. It should be noted that the tea is made according to a secret recipe. This unique drink is ready only for similar ceremonies or other critical Taekwondo-related events.
Tea drinking took place right in the Taekwondo gym. Before tea-drinking, according to tradition, GM Jung was the first to taste this drink to make sure it was safe and safe to drink. After that, each candidate for the sixth dan was given a tea party, after which they were handed new belts.

Source: Taekwondo Times