The unexpected death of one of the Taekwondo pioneers

Recently, society said goodbye to one of the world-famous Taekwondo fighters, who made a considerable contribution to the development of this discipline. So, just a few days ago, such a famous fighter as Jong Soo Park died. Many Taekwondo fans can safely call him one of the ideologues of modern Taekwondo. It is worth saying that without this person’s contribution, Taekwondo would not have been as popular and beloved as it is now.
This person made a considerable contribution to the development of Taekwondo worldwide. Thanks to his assistance and under his leadership, it was thanks to his assistance that in the second half of the 20th century, Taekwondo schools began to appear in the world, which is still functioning. After traveling through Europe, Jong Soo Park opened many new educational institutions like the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.
He also made several rounds of the world, during which he promoted Taekwondo not only in Europe but also in Asia and Africa. They also called this man one of the most experienced experts in Taekwondo.
Unfortunately, the world has said goodbye to such a famous person. The family of the fighter told the press about this sad news. Jong Soo Park spent the last days of his life with his family. He did not regret all his actions and what he did during his life.

Source: Taekwondo Times