What are the features of taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art that came to us from Korea. There are several types of taekwondo. The most widespread in the world is the WTF sports taekwondo, a little less known is its combat direction.
The WTF Sports Taekwondo Center is Kukkiwon, the only training center located in Korea. In the program of the Summer Olympic Games, WTF taekwondo is a traditional discipline.

Taekwondo history goes back several millennia. Usually, there are four stages in the development of this discipline: ancient times, the Middle Ages, modern times and modern times. In the first stage of development, people did not have any means to protect themselves, except for their hands and body. Therefore, people developed methods of fighting opponents with their bare hands. Taekwondo of ancient times was the basis of the art of war, which allowed you to use your own strength, using your arms and legs, without weapons in any critical situation.
Taekwondo is the oldest Korean martial art, it was based on the unification of fighting styles without weapons, and soon began to develop as an independent martial art. Most of those who come to taekwondo are engaged in sports results, although this martial art is primarily intended for self-defense. Much of the technique used for self-defense is excluded from the variation of taekwondo.

What’s the secret to taekwondo betting success?

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How to choose the right strategy?

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